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Services We Provide:

  • I. Custom Homes

  • II. Spec Homes

  • III. Real Estate Sales

  • IV. Decorating and Design Services

  • V. Framing

    I. Custom Homes

    "The only way to find your perfect home...is to build it."

    This option allows each home to be designed as one of a kind and reflect the owner's personal style. After all, why buy an existing house, and then have to worry about changing this or redoing that to fit your family's needs? When you build a new custom home, it will be exactly what you want the first time you walk in the front door.

    • You can customize your home to enhance your life and lifestyle.
    • Everything from the colors and appliances you choose to the idyllic location of your home will offer a new beginning.
    • You won't just save thousands of dollars on the maintenance and updates that an older home requires...you'll also have the chance to create your luxurious dream home from the ground up!

    A. PRICE

    Often times when it comes to price people ask, "what is the cost per square foot" or CPSF? The best way to address this is to answer it with a question. Simply ask yourself, "what do you want it to be? While price is certainly significant, it's more important to examine what you will actually be paying by the end of construction. Remember, your home price is the sum of its parts and labor and at Elegant Homes. Don't be misled...It is nearly impossible to compare the costs associated with mass-produced or semi-custom homes to true custom built masterpieces.

    Too good to be true usually is....

    The good news
    Elegant Homes' "no gimmicks" and "no sales ploy" approach is simply a refreshing straightforwardness not found in today's complex builder-landscape. Why do they do it? "Our customers don't sign the contract until they are comfortable with the whole picture, so we give them a comprehensive price up-front and in writing".

    B. Building Your Dream Home

    At ELEGANT HOMES LLC., we have laid out a step-by-step plan that will take each customer from the first construction phase to the final inspection where they are given the keys to their new home. For each phase of construction there is at least one quality checkpoint that must be passed in order to move on to the next phase.

    As a homeowner, you will have input on the decisions that effect the construction of your home. We are building the home of your dreams for you and that's a fact we never forget. The following steps toward the completion of your new home will be taken by you and your builder. All of this assures you of "an enjoyable building experience".

    1. Pre-construction stage

    Communication between you and your builder is established in the very earliest phases of the home building process, during our pre-construction meeting. We hold these meetings on every home we build, before we begin work. You'll meet with your builder, exchange phone, pager and e-mail contact info, and then go over the plans of your home.

    You'll also meet with an interior designer during this phase. Your designer will aid you in making decisions about the paint, brick, stone or stucco, tile, cabinets, carpet, wood and wallpaper or textured walls that will be used in your home.

    During this period of construction, your contract agreements are finalized, plan changes are completed and the building permit is requested from the city your new home is located in.

    This is the time when you start making the selections that create a home that is truly your own.

    2. Structural stage

    Construction begins on your home in this stage: your lot is prepared; plumbing and underground work is completed; your foundation is inspected and poured; and framework begins.

    Your builder is there to keep you informed about the progress of your home and to answer your questions. Your builder follows a step by step checklist during every phase of the construction process, to ensure that your home is constructed to the highest standards.

    3. Mechanical stage

    This is when you see your home come together. Cornice work (windows, siding, brick, stone, or stucco etc...) Begins and roof shingles, tile, etc.. Are installed, as are rough mechanicals (plumbing, hvac, electrical security and a/v wiring) and the firebox. City inspections are conducted during this stage as well, once those are complete, insulation is added to your home.

    4. Glamour stage

    During this phase, we put the glamour into your home: sheetrock is installed cabinets are put in, doors and trim are completed, the exterior brick,stone or stucco is applied, walls and trim are painted, and ceramic tile and counter tops are installed. This is the time when you will begin to see all the little touches you have chosen along the way come together to create the house that is truly your own.

    5. Finish up stage

    Irrigation, fencing if applicable, landscape and sod are installed in this phase; your carpet is installed; and your home is cleaned in preparation for your taking ownership. Upon completion of those criteria met, your builder will schedule an orientation session with you. You'll walk thru your new home with your builder, starting on your front lawn and moving through the entire home. You'll go over all of your homes appliances and review the use and maintenance of all of them with your builder. You'll generate a list of outstanding items, if any, that need to be completed before you close on your home. Your builder will work to insure that all those items are complete before the final closing.

    6. Closing stage

    This is the stage where your new home is turned over to you. You will go to the closing attorney and go over all the paperwork and sign a purchaser's agreement and other documents. At that point, the home you've dreamed of is yours. Your complete satisfaction as a homeowner is our ambition, and that's true whether you're in your new home or already have moved in.


    Don't have time to build a custom home? ELEGANT Homes has several luxury and styles of homes with custom amenities that are ready to move into NOW. Many buyers want the level of design and features afforded by a custom-built home, but lack the time to commit to the process. At Elegant Homes, we realize that everyone's time is at a premium. We constantly analyze market data so our home designs automatically include those features that many of today's homeowners are seeking.
    • Buying a new home will save you even more than you may realize when you consider the incredible costs associated with maintaining and updating a pre-owned home to meet your needs and tastes
    • After just five years, most houses begin to require costly maintenance and repair. For a home that is twenty five years or older, you could realistically spend more than $130,000 to bring that home to "like new" condition. But that doesn’t include redecorating or making structural changes.
    • Today a lot of things will be built into a home that weren't in years past. Energy efficiency and streamlined maintenance have evolved dramatically. And that along, with the level of comfort and satisfaction a new home brings, makes an enormous difference between what a home costs you, and what you get in return.


    We have Real Estate Professionals standing by that will take the time to deliver to each of our clients a harmony of Real Estate knowledge, coupled with combined TEAM's strength, talent and professional service in every step of the process. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, whether you are buying, selling or investing - each client is very important to us. We invite you to allow our team to work for you and see why we can exceed your expectations. We will turn your dreams into a reality; please contact our offices for your personal appointment at the Contacts US page.

    Why Buy Now?

    First of all, it's a buyer's market. But you already knew that, so what's stopping you? If you're yearning to buy your dream home but can't get past the media hype and the fear, consider this:

    Right now...

      There are more homes on the market to choose from, so there are unparalleled deals that offer substantial savings and incentives
    • Interest rates are still near a (40-year) low
    • There are plenty of banks making loans, many of them offering low down payment programs
    • The smart buyer knows that a low mortgage rate gives the buyer a lot more house for the money

    A lot is happening to rejuvenate the economy and credit programs, and in many areas the housing market is showing signs of a rebound. By making a deal on a home right now you will cash in on an opportunity that may well never come again. Don't forget that over time – even throughout other downturns in the economy - real estate has always appreciated.

    Yes, it's a buyer's market, but only if you buy.!!!!

    IV. Decorating & Design Services

    Since Elegant Homes builds "truly custom" homes with limitless design and materials options, some of our clients require assistance in ensuring the right look and feel for their home. They also desire ways to make the building experience an easier and more pleasurable one.

    Star Holdings, LLC, a professional design service, was established to assist you in selecting the perfect materials and finishes throughout the entire custom home building process and beyond. We can assist you through every aspect of the building experience including space planning, furniture placement and layout, lighting design and custom built-ins. Our designers can also help you make interior and exterior material selections to obtain the fit and finish for every room, any theme or any style you desire. The Star design team is here to help you acquire that one-of-a-kind look you dream of for your new home, including decorating finishes like draperies, arrangements and accessories.

    What are you waiting for?

    V. Framing

    "If you name it, we frame it"

    With 30+ years of framing, Robert Nelson is becoming one of the leading and best framers in the city of Montgomery. We started with nothing more than our strong hands and a strong mind. Over the years we HAVE developed a reputation for being honest, hardworking and dependable.

    The success and longevity of Robert Nelson is due to his dedication of experienced carpenters, conscientious supervision and thorough office staff. It is our belief that it takes many years and projects to develop a good reputation, but only one bad comment to destroy it.

    "We specialize in residential and commercial framing.